de la pelicula 2002, Diosa del tango Milena Plebs con Ezequiel Farfaro, cerca Sr. Roberto Duval, "Assasination Tango"

 At milongas, you may feel as though you are intruding upon a very personal moment, as your gaze becomes spellbound, watching a man and a woman... embraced in each others arms, her eyes closed, drifting in harmony to the haunting sensuous pulses of the tango music... their lips, whispering its words for only their ears, as if lost in time, their hearts have become the authors of this poetry of love.

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The poetry of Argentine Tango is an intimate transcendent attesting to its timelessness. TangoGigolo enlivens the words of traditional tangos for non-Spanish speakers. Liberties have been taken such as changing any gender specific third person to the English gender neutral second person. The translations come from personal translations, friends, both native and non-native speakers of Argentine Spanish, and internet sources. Many tangos contain Lunfardo, a period slang, specific to the various barrios of Buenos Aires, whose usage and meanings today are somewhat elusive or forgotten, even among native speakers. Therefore, the intent is not to provide expressly accurate academic translations, but a flavor for the period, its culture, and a feel for the daily lives of these tangueros and tangueras as expressed through the Tangos.

Videos were selected based upon their widespread internet distributions and excellence in the use of multimedia to portray Argentine Tango and its culture and influences in art and life. Aficionados del Tango regularly share their videos on public web sites for all to enjoy and to explore the many styles of Argentine Tango. If you enjoy these superb videos, please acknowledge their credits, which identify the artists and their production companies for your professional multimedia needs.

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